Maeda (前多) is one of the recurring characters of Asobi Asobase. He is a servant who works for Hanako Honda's family and he was taken in by Hanako's grandfather when an encounter with aliens made him uncontrollably shoot lasers from his buttocks.


Maeda appears to be a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties with neatly cut short hair and wears a blue suit and pants with a red tie in most of his appearances.

In his college days, Maeda had long unkempt hair and wore black-tinted glasses, not unlike a homeless person (which he was).


Maeda is very grateful for Honda's grandfather who rescued him and helped him control his power. As a result, he is almost single-minded in his devotion to the Honda family, particularly Hanako Honda. Maeda seemed to share a close bond with Hanako when she grew up, who saw him almost like an idol. Maeda vowed to be a source of knowledge for young Hanako and never appear unknowledgeable to her, even if it meant lying to avoid telling her he didn't know the answer to her question. He would also do anything to please the child, including shooting beams from his butt for her amusement.

In her middle school year, Maeda was no longer idolized by Hanako and instead treated with a bit more disdain. However, they remain close and Maeda would still do anything to assist her, at one point even willing to go to Nichome, a gay district in Tokyo, to experience anal in order to assist Kasumi Nomura (Hanako's friend) in her story. Maeda's influence on Hanako is also apparent, as she plays pastime games with absurd rules that she got from Maeda and she would sometimes reference him in conversations, indicating some of her eccentricities may have been picked up from him.


In the past, Maeda was a sixth-year college student who was about to take an exam that determined whether he passed or failed that year. On the morning of the crucial day, Maeda was suddenly abducted by aliens. They brought him to a room where he was restrained and began probing his butt. Finding it to be satisfactory, they hid a weapon of destruction inside. After the procedure, Maeda woke up back in the place where he had been abducted but found out that a day had passed and he had missed his exam.

Soon after, Maeda found out that he would shoot beams out of his butt every time he used the toilet. This made him unable to find steady employment as each time he got a part-time job soon he had to leave on the grounds of destroying the toilets. Eventually, Maeda was left unemployed and homeless. One day, he met an old man who approached him on the street. Seeing the desperate Maeda, the old man, who was Hanako Honda's grandfather, took him in and helped him control his unique predicament. Maeda eventually learned to control his butt beams and only shoot them when he wanted to or if he had diarrhea. In return, Maeda became a servant of the Honda family ever since.


Hanako Honda 

Kentarou Honda 

Kasumi Nomura 



  • The surname Maeda means "before, previously, earlier, in front" (前) (mae) and "many" (多) (ta/da).


  • Maeda possesses an uncanny ability to near instantaneously travel to Hanako Honda's location upon being mentioned or needed for an errand - not unlike teleportation.
  • When Maeda was introduced to the club members by Hanako, he was introduced as "nanika" which roughly translates to “[a] something .”
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